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Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman

A mentor and inspiration to some of the most prolific artists to come out of the Harlem Renaissance, Augusta Savage was truly ahead of her time. She fought against poverty, sexism and racism to create a path to success for herself and other Black artists.

Born in Florida during the 1890's Augusta was no stranger to discrimination and poverty. Described as an advocate for civil rights and equality, Augusta faced constant challenges throughout her career as a sculptor, teacher, gallery owner and advocate. She was denied entry to art school based on her race but eventually was accepted to study abroad with an academy in France. Often Augusta didn't have money to cast her sculptures in bronze and had to resort to cheaper materials, like plaster covered in shoe polish, to resemble bronze. Due to her lack of funding, many of her sculptures have been lost, damaged or destroyed over the years. With the help of modern day galleries exhibiting her works, Augusta Savage and her art has been able to impact a new generation of artists.

Hope you enjoyed learning about this trailblazing woman. Be sure to take a look at her amazing catalog of works.

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