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Baked in Barcelona: Cannabis Tourism

Updated: May 23, 2023

Is it just me, or is being high and roaming around a new country such an amazing feeling?!? While I love wandering aimlessly, I'm also down for adventuring to the local gems, keep reading to find out what I found during my high-ventures in Barcelona!

la sagrada familia with text overlay

I'm not the type to travel with weed on me, but I'm also not the type to go my whole vacation without weed ;) Now that I have such easy access to a wide array of legal cannabis products, it's so easy to travel discreetly with my goods. My go-to product for travel is always a pill/softgel/tablet because of the convenience. The AbsoluteXtracts ( soft gels have a range of dosages from 10mg all the way up to 200mg per pill. The best part about them is that they resemble any other medicine so you can travel without worry. If your tolerance is on the lower end, you can check out Petra mints from they have a dose of 2.5mg per mint, which is a pretty good starter dose. Whatever you choose, I would recommend testing out the products you wanna travel with before your trip, that way you won't risk having an adverse reaction in an unfamiliar place.

If you don't wanna take any chances and decide to travel clean, don't worry, the Barcelona cannabis tourism scene is poppin! There are a number of cannabis clubs throughout the city, so with a little research, it's easy to find the best spot for your needs. You can learn more about how to navigate purchasing and consumption from or check out this website for a legal breakdown:

Now that you've got the goods, let's talk about what to do while you ride out that high!

author standing in front of museum

Visit the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is an obvious choice for the avid stoner. With a mix of well planned exhibits, artifacts and kitsch, it makes for a fun and educational journey. Entry costs €9 for an adult ticket and kids are free up to age 12. They also offer a discounted rate if you're traveling with a group of 10 or more.

exhibit from hash & hemp museum

Exhibits like "History of Smoking", "Hemp Lifestyle" and "Cannabis Counterculture" ensure that you'll enjoy a well curated experience while you're there. There was also a massive collection of pipes from all different places and time periods. My favorite part was seeing all the propaganda from the 1930's "reefer madness" era, talk about misinformation! If you haven't seen the Reefer Madness movie, I suggest giving it a watch...while high, obviously! You can check it out for free on

fruits and vegetables in la boqueria market

Eat your way through La Boqueria

There are over 300 stalls of fresh produce and meats that fill the most famous market in Barcelona, and it would be easy to spend a whole afternoon wandering through it. Las Ramblas is the largest thoroughfare with renowned eateries and shops lining it's Gothically inspired streets, and nestled right in the midst of it all is Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria.

shopper purchasing meat in la boqueria

This market has so much more to offer than produce, your senses will be on overload with all of the vibrant colors and hustle bustle of people. You can take your pick of fresh fruits and veggies, or opt for local meats and cheeses, whatever your choice, it's sure to be deliciós (that's Catalan for delicious!). Even if you're not in the mood for food, it's a great spot to stroll through and take in the culture.

And if you do decide to shop, keep in mind that most of the vendors will sell things by the kilo (about 2 pounds) if you need less than that, just keep your eyes peeled for the stalls where you can get smaller portions. It's also helpful to know some Spanish when ordering, and even better if you know Catalan as that's a prominent dialect in Barcelona. And while some of the vendors may take card, it will definitely be easiest to pay in cash.

la sagrada familia

Go GaGa for Gaudí

Barcelona happens to be the birthplace of the most famous mosaic artist ever, a man by the name of Antoni Gaudí. In addition to being a master mosaic maker, he was also an influential architect. He created one of Barcelona's most famous buildings and arguably its biggest tourist attraction, La Sagrada Familia. He left his mark throughout the city and has even had some of his works named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the popular Park Güell.

My favorite part about mosaics is that they give you a different experience from up close than they do from far away. You can really take your time and examine how all the little pieces come together to form one, big, beautiful piece of art. And don't even get me started on the colors, I loooooove the colors. Park Güell on a sunny fall day is like fruit punch for your eyes, so yummy!

mosaic in Park Güell

If you're not sure where to start, you can head to this website that has a self-guided walking tour: You can also head to Casa Milá and Casa Batlló if you wanna have the full Gaudí architecture experience. I liked marveling at the buildings from the outside, but should you wanna be immersed and tour the interiors, that's also an option. La Sagrada Familia tickets are around €30 and Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are both around €35.

And there you have it, 3 fun things to keep you occupied while you're flying high in Barcelona!

Happy Travels!

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