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Hey! Hello! High!

I originally created Highly Crafty in 2019 as a YouTube channel that consisted of me getting high with comedians and guiding them through a craft project. It was my genius plan to get myself networking with more comedians and thinning out my craft stash, which is still huge, by the way! Over the last 3 years Highly Crafty has grown into an Etsy shop and now a website and blog.

While you're here, you'll be able to dive into all things Highly Crafty. You can shop the clothing collection and be Highly Fashionable. Or get Highly Social and join one of the live crafting events if you're near LA. You'll also find tidbits about the science of cannabis, ya know, Highly Educational stuff. And I always have to have a lil somethin for the culture, so Black history facts and stories will have you feeling Highly Historical.

I've never had a blog so I'm excited to have a space for all of my creative endeavors to SHINE and SPARKLE, just like the clothes I like to wear. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here or exactly how I wanna do it, but sometimes ya just gotta start! I'm gonna look at this as a journey and I'm glad you're on it with me!

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