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Live Crafting Event

I'm so excited to announce my first LIVE crafting event!! If you're in Los Angeles I would love to have you join @bluntblowinmama and I for an afternoon crafting sesh. I came up with three cute, super easy, ways to transform your old or oversized t-shirts, and I"ll be there to walk you through all the steps and answer your questions. We have General Admission and VIP tickets available for purchase, so you can treat yo self if you're feeling fancy!

You can purchase tickets for the event here:

Now I know doing crafts can be intimidating, but that's why I picked simple designs with easy to follow instructions. I also made sure to find a venue that's 420 friendly, so if you're feeling anxious, you can just have a lil puff to help ya relax. And crafting at the event is totally optional. You can come and take notes for later, or come to socialize or come just to enjoy the vibes! I'll also be busting out the Highly Crafty pop-up setup, so you'll get the chance to shop all the new goodies I've been busy creating.

I'm looking forward to doing more live crafting events like this, so stay tuned! And if you're not in the Los Angeles area, don't worry, I'm working on making some craft packs that come with all the supplies you'll need to get Highly Crafty: At Home!

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