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Cannabinoid Basics

Updated: Feb 9

If you've ever wondered how cannabis works with your body you're not alone. Plenty of consumers and potential consumers are unclear on exactly how cannabis can be beneficial. Although there isn't a wealth of research on the plant due to its federally prohibited status, there are a number of studies that have proven the medicinal potential of cannabis. One of the things to come out of scientific research is the discovery of cannabinoids. Keep reading to learn all the cannabinoid basics.

cannabinoids 101 infographic

The main reason that the cannabis plant is able to interact with the human body is because of the Endocannabinoid System. There have been a number of studies done but the exact function of the ECS is still unknown. It's been linked to a number of bodily functions like appetite and sleep.

cannabinoids 101 infographic

Learning which cannabinoids can help with which ailments ensures that you get the experience you want. Being familiar with how certain cannabinoids can effect you can also help you to avoid negative side effects or unwanted reactions. This table will help you learn about the benefits of some of the most popular cannabinoids.

cannabinoids 101 infographics

I hope this helps you get the most out of your cannabis experience. The next topic I'll cover will be terpenes, so stay tuned to continue your canna-education!

Happy Learning!

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