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Cannabis Concentrates Basics

The world of cannabis is in a constant state of evolution and discovery, so it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends and products. If you've found yourself faced with "infused" pre-rolls or flower, but felt unsure of exactly what that meant, then keep reading to learn more about the cannabis concentrates basics.

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When I'm at work and I ask a customer if they're looking for an infused pre-roll, I often get a blank stare followed by "what does infused mean?" which leads to their follow up question of "what's a concentrate?" Generally I describe it as turbo charged weed, or concentrated THC. Concentrates are the byproduct of extracting all the most potent parts of the plant so that you can use it to make other cannabis products or use of it for dabbing. (If you're not familiar, dabbing is when you smoke cannabis concentrates out of a special pipe called a dab rig). The means of extraction can involve a solvent like butane or alcohol, which is later burned off, and gives it the “solvent-free” label. It can also be extracted using ice water or pressure giving it the “solventless” label.

I consume both solventless and solvent-free products in various forms, but generally I like to go with solventless when it's available to me. Most of the edibles I take or vapes that I (occasionally) hit are made with distillate or live resin. Live resin is a concentrate that's created from a cannabis plant that has been frozen shortly after harvest. They do this in an effort to preserve valuable nutrients and phytocannabinoids that can be lost during the normal curing and drying process that other concentrates are made from. Other popular concentrates that are solvent-free are:

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Since solventless products are extracted using a process that never introduces any chemicals, they can be seen as "cleaner" or more pure than their solvent-free counterparts. In reality, both types of products can be clean and pure when done properly. Solventless products can last longer, hit stronger and create an overall better high when they are properly dosed and come from a reliable grower. The most well known solventless product is probably hash, but there are other products that you can look for if you like the idea of an extraction process that doesn't involve the use of chemicals at any point in the process. It's worth saying that a quality company is going to create a quality product, so it's very important to know and trust your sources!

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Sooo did you gain any new knowledge today?!? I hope so, and I hope it makes you feel like a more informed and confident cannabis consumer. Educating ourselves is the best way to make sure that we're getting all the benefits this plant can provide. Whether you're using for medicine or recreation, you can optimize whatever results you want by ensuring that you're well versed in Mary Jane. Drop any questions or knowledge you have in the comments so we can keep learning together!

Happy Learning!

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