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Trailblazing Poet Gwendolyn Brooks

I've always had a very narrow view of poetry, not because I don't respect it as an art form, but just because we don't encounter much poetry in our daily lives. The world of poetry almost seems like a relic of the olden days when you had to write letters and profess your love without the use of emojis, but it's not a lost art! Let's take a look at one of the most prolific modern day poets, Gwendolyn Brooks.

highly historic graphic

Being the first African-American to ever win a Pulitzer Prize earned Gwendolyn Brooks a place in the history books, her amazing works are what has kept her legacy alive. Let's learn a little bit more about her achievements!

Gwendolyn Brooks infographic

Be sure to read some of her amazing works, it may spark a love of poetry that you never knew you had.

Keep Learning!

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