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DIY Bath Salt Mixture

Updated: May 20, 2023

This simple DIY only uses a few household items and is ready in a flash. You're definitely gonna want this one on hand for your next soak in the tub.

Several of the ingredients in this project are customizable so that they can fit your desired outcome. If you want a more soothing mixture you can use dried lavender or chamomile, but if you wanna be invigorated, you can opt for citrus notes. Do a little research and find out which combinations are out there, that way your mixture will do exactly what you want it to.

This recipe will make enough soak for one or two baths, depending on how much you sprinkle in. If you need to up the ratio, there's plenty of resources online for making larger batches. When I did a quick search, I found a bunch of different options here:

Now let's get crafty!


--eighth jar

--drawer pull

--2tbsp Epsom salt

--2tsp Himalayan pink salt

--1tsp Baking soda

--5-10 drops Essential oil(s)

--spray paint [OPTIONAL]

--drill [OPTIONAL]

--dried flowers/herbs [OPTIONAL]


1. Spray paint your lid and drawer pull so that they're the same color. You don't have to do this, but if you care about making it aesthetically pleasing, then definitely take the extra time!

2. Make a hole in the center of your jar lid. You can do this by using a power drill. If you don't have access to a drill, you can use a nail and hammer. You can also heat the nail on the stovetop and poke it through that way. If you do decide to use heat, just be careful and use protective gear so you don't get burned.

3. Once you have the hole in your lid, you can screw the drawer pull into it. after you complete the lid, set it aside.

4. Combine the salts, baking soda, essential oils and herbs in the jar or in a small bowl and mix until combined.

5. Once you have your mixture ready, it can be stored for up to 3 months.

Now go enjoy your self-made self care!

Happy Crafting!

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