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Nug Picture Frame

If you have some expired weed and spray paint then you can turn it into a dank decoration for your home!

I sometimes have trouble letting go of stuff that I see potential in, and old weed is no exception! When my friend gifted me some flower that had been expired for 2 years, I had no idea what I would do with it until I got some inspiration at an art show. Nancy Chains ( is a cannabis art and jewelry brand. They partner with different cannabis brands to take the flower that would normally be thrown out and use it in their unique pieces. Almost every item in the shop has actual cannabis or a canna reference, making them the must-have accessories for all the fashionable canna girlies.

Since I don't possess the jewelry making skills of Nancy Chains, I had to think outside the box for how I could preserve the flower without using resin. I'm not against resin but it's hazardous to work with unless you have the proper equipment, which makes it less desirable for me. I decided to use two different types of spray paint as preservers. And by putting it on a picture frame that's up on a shelf, I know it won't get touched or brushed up against.

Let's get into it!


--picture frame

--colored spray paint

--clear coat spray paint

--glue gun/glue


1. The first step is to spray paint your nugs. I had a metallic green color leftover from another project so I decided to use that. I kind of wish I would have chosen an array of colors, or maybe even glittery colors! Either way, you should definitely let your creativity run wild when it comes to this step.

2. The next step I did was use a clear coat spray paint to try and preserve the nug and make it less brittle. I ended up doing three coats of the color and the clear coat just to make sure there was full coverage.

3. Once you have everything painted and dried, you can glue it onto the picture frame. I didn't have much to work with, so I decided to use the nugs as accents. If you happen to have a large amount then you can cover the whole frame! Just remember that it will be brittle so keep the picture frame in a low traffic area.

And there you have it, a nugalicious frame to display your highest memories!

Keep It Crafty!

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