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DIY Consumption Journal

One of the best ways to get the most out of your cannabis consumption is to learn about the plant and all the products you're using. A great way to keep track of everything you discover is to keep it all in a journal. Let me walk you through an easy way to make your own out of household items!

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Up until recently I was happy to consume whatever cannabis products I could get my hands on. However, as I've learned more about the cannabis plant, my tastes have started to change and be more refined. I'm able to avoid the unwanted side effects that can sometimes happen with cannabis consumption, and I can ensure I'm using the right products to get the effects that I want. It's as simple as taking note of your experiences whenever you try a new strain or method of consumption. You may start to notice patterns that you like or would rather avoid, either way, you're learning more about how the plant can best serve your personal needs.

Whether you're just starting out on your journey or you've been using for years, a consumption journal can be a helpful tool in getting the most out of your cannabis usage. With 3 simple items, you can make a notebook that holds all of your highly coveted canna research!




--journal pages [hand drawn OR printed]

stapler and scissors on top of papers

Now lets get crafty!


1. The first thing you're going to do is decide how big you want your journal to be. You can base it on what you're using for the outer cover, or just go with a standard size like 4x6 or 5x7. You can use a small cereal box, a piece of cardboard, a coloring page or plain cardstock as the outside of your notebook. Just be sure you pick something that can be stapled or sewn together. I went with a fun marble and gold geometric paper that I had on hand.

patterned cardstock

2. Once you have your cover figured out, you can create your journal pages. What they look like and what categories they have are totally up to you. Consider the different experiences you've had or what you'd like to achieve, and that can help you decide what effects you want to include. You'll want to have options for all the different ways you consume, and a variety of side effects. You can also have sections to write down any special notes you may want to make. You also have the option to purchase journal pages that I've created. Just head over to the Highly Crafty shop so you can download and print them!

consumption journal pages

3. The next step will be to cut or trim your journal pages so that they fit inside of the cover. You can do this with scissors or a paper cutter if you have one. I used a paper cutter for this part since it makes it easier to get a straight cut.

close up of consumption journal pages

4. Now that your pages are the correct size, you can staple them onto the cover. I put my staples on the middle fold so that the flat part is on the outside. You can always use washi tape or some other type of trim as a binding to cover the staples if you don't want them to be visible on the outside of your journal.

DIY consumption journal

Once you get your pages in, the journal is ready to use! You can easily keep track of all the different canna products you consume and how they make you feel for an optimized experience.

Keep It Crafty!

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