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DIY Heating Pad

Updated: May 20, 2023

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This episode features Elizabeth Whiting, creator and host of the Send Us Flowers podcast. You can listen to episodes and shop the merch here: Not only is Liz a published writer, but she's an artist, cannabis advocate and content creator. She's also helping to bring awareness to Endometriosis so that patients can better advocate for themselves.

In this episode we made a heating pad from some rice and a sweatshirt sleeve. This can be done with any sleeve or pant leg that you can get your hands on. The advantage of using pants instead of sleeves is that you can make a bigger heating pad by having that extra fabric to work with. If you do use pants, you may want to consider shortening it so that you don't end up with an extra long heating pad...unless that's what you're aiming for! We used a sewing machine to get this done, but you always have the option of using fabric glue or no-sew fabric adhesive strips. If you decide to use glue or another adhesive, test it out in the microwave to ensure it holds up.

Now let's get crafty!


--sweatshirt sleeve

--rice (or dried beans)

--sewing machine

--measuring cup [OPTIONAL]

  1. The first thing you'll do is seal off the bottom of your sleeve by sewing it shut. I wanted the inside of the sleeve to be the outside of my heating pad since the inside of a sweatshirt tends to be softer than the outside. Just be sure to glue or sew on the WRONG side of whatever you're using.

2. Decide how you want the layout of your heating pad to be. Do you want one big section or several smaller ones? I decided to do one big section so that I could make it easy on myself ;)

3. Once you've settled on a design, turn the sleeve inside out and scoop some of the rice into it. The amount of rice you'll put in will fluctuate depending on how big/small your sections are and how full you want them to be.

4. After you get the rice in, you'll sew that section shut. Then you'll add more rice, and sew that section shut. You repeat that process until you've reached the end and sewn all your sections shut. Since I'm only doing one big section, I just sewed the other end of the sleeve.

To use your heating pad, just pop it in the microwave for a minute then relax and enjoy the warmth!

There it is, an easy heating pad that can be made in no time! Let me know if you give it a try, and how it works out for you.

You can see how Liz and I handled this craft in her episode of Highly Crafty. Check it out on the Highly Crafty YouTube channel:

Happy Crafting!

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