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DIY T-Shirt Makeover!

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This episode featured Shonitria Anthony of Blunt Blowin' Mama. In addition to being a journalist and cannabis advocate, Shonitria is also a mother of two. Her brand Blunt Blowin Mama has a successful line of sweats and t-shirts, a long running podcast and numerous workshops for mothers who choose to incorporate plant medicine into their wellness routine.

Screenshot of Highly Crafty episode with text overlay of "DIY t-shirt makeover

This is an easy DIY T-shirt makeover since all you really need is scissors and a shirt! In the episode we ended up using one of the sweatshirts from the Blunt Blowin' Mama clothing line, you can find that design and more at Any shirt will work, but t-shirts will be easier to work with as they have less bulk than a sweatshirt or polo shirt would. Since we're going to be making a bunch of cuts to achieve a fringe effect, scissors are a necessity. If you don't have a pair of really sharp scissors, consider sharpening the ones you have before you start. Not only will sharper scissors cut easier, they'll cut cleaner, so your finished product will look nice and neat. If you need scissor sharpening tips, head over to to find easy ways to get the job done.

Now let's get crafty!


--Sharp scissors


--Chalk [OPTIONAL]


1. The first thing you're going to do is fold your shirt in half vertically. After it's folded, I normally take off the ribbed part of the neckline. You can cut it close to the seam, or wider if you want your shirt to be off the shoulder. If your shirt doesn't have a ribbed neckline, or you don't want to take it off, you can just skip this step.

2. Next, flip your shirt inside out and lay it flat. Use your chalk to make a horizontal line across the shirt about half way down. If you only want your fringe to be at the very bottom of your shirt, then make your line near the bottom hem of the shirt.

3. Now that you have your ending point, you can start cutting your strips for fringe. I suggest doing cuts that are 1/2" or 1/4" apart so that your fringe has lots of movement.

And there you have it, and easy way to give your shirts a little more wow factor. Let me know what other ideas for t-shirt makeovers you've got and I'll give them a try!

Happy Crafting!

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