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Paper Bag Banner

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

This project is simple, cheap and it can be repeated for any holiday or occasion. The best part is that you only need a few materials, and you probably already have them at home!

You'll need:

*paper grocery bag




If you're a crafty type with lots of supplies on hand, you can use paint, stickers, stencils, wash tape, etc. to make your banner really POP! And feel free to experiment with how you cut your banner pieces. You can make them smaller or larger, you can cut triangles instead of rectangles, or cut the edges with zig zag scissors, whatever fits with your style. I had this idea and couldn't wait to test it out, so I just went with a basic design and added a hint of color...because I loves a splash of color :)

Let's get crafty:

  1. Cut 60 inches of whatever twine or string you'll be using and set it aside.

2. Take the handles off the grocery bag and carefully unfold the bottom flaps. Once the bottom is open, find the seam and carefully open it so the bag lies flat.

3. Starting from the bottom of the bag, measure up 12 inches and draw a line that stretches the length of the bag. Using the line you drew as a guide, make a mark every 5 inches and draw a line to the bottom of the bag<-- sounds confusing, but the pic should clear it up.

4. Cut along all of the lines you drew. You should end up with 7 pieces that are 5x12.

5. Fold all 7 pieces in half horizontally, making sure that the ends line up. You may need to trim some areas to make them even.

6. Decide on a design and then you can put it onto your pieces. I opted to go with the word BOO and have a ghost on each end. That left me with some extra pieces I can save for another project.

7. Once your design is done, grab the string you cut earlier and hang the pieces over it.

8. I used wash tape to finish off my design and make sure that my paper bag pieces don't slide off the string. You can also use tape or stickers to help make sure each piece stays folded over the string.

Voila! An easy craft that has endless design possibilities! And if this seems like too much, or you're just not the DIY type, you can always check out the shop. If you don't see what you need just send us a message and we can make you a custom order!

Happy Crafting!

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