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DIY Perennial Calendar

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

This project is totally customizable and would be the *perfect* calendar to hang up in your office, or on your fridge!

This project can easily be done with things that you already have at home. If you've got letter or number stickers, those would work great for this, but a simple marker or pen will do the trick too. I made stickers using my Cricut machine to make it easier on myself. Feel free to get creative with this and add on any embellishments or extra flair that fits your decor.

Now let's get crafty!


--a straw

--paper (3-5 sheets)

--string (24")

--marker/pen/letter & number stickers

--scissors or paper trimmer

--hole punch [OPTIONAL]


1. Cut your paper into 19 rectangles and 14 squares. The measurements don't really matter, but I used 2" squares and 1.5"x3" rectangles.

2. Next use your hole punch to make a hole in the top center of each rectangle and square. If you don't have a hole punch, you can just use your scissors to make a slit for the string to go through.

3. At this point you can write the days of the week, months and numbers on your squares and rectangles. For the numbers, be sure to do one set of 0-9 and one set of 0-3. If you're using stickers, this is when you would put them on. You can also decorate your paper, use colored paper or even layer different colors of paper. I opted to swap out plain white cardstock for a sea-foam color.

4. Now you're going to take your string and cut it into one 12" piece and four 3" pieces.

5. Use the four small pieces of string to tie together the month rectangles, the day of the week rectangles and the two groups of number squares.

6. Get your straw and thread the longer piece of string through the straw, then take your squares and rectangles and slide them onto the straw. Be sure to put the 0-3 group of number squares before the 0-9 group so that your dates will show correctly.

7. Once everything is on the straw you can tie the ends of the longer piece of string together. Trim any excess string you have left and slide the knot from the longer string into the straw if you wanna hide it.

And now your calendar is ready for use year after year! If you try this project, be sure to take a picture and send it over because I love to see crafts in action.

Keep It Crafty!

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