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DIY Potpourii Blends

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

I'm slightly obsessed with this personalized potpourri blend crafting setup. It's a great activity to have at any event or party, and it's also a great way to reuse your old eighth jars that you don't wanna throw away because it feels wasteful, so then you just start hoarding them in the hopes that an idea will come to you one day...or is that just me?! I actually DID end up finding a perfect use for them, so I wanted to share my knowledge.

For this project, all you need is:

*dried fruit and/or dried herbs

*essential oils

*jar or container

Step 1

You'll need to poke or drill holes in the lid of the jar that you choose. I used a drill, but a knife, screwdriver or scissors would work. And I'll tell you just like I tell my kids, BE CAREFUL when you're near sharp things ;)

Step 2

Select which blend of herbs and fruits you want. You can even research which blends work best together to maximize the effects of all those sweet terpenes! [we're aware that terpenes can be found in more than just cannabis, yeah?] I googled how to dry fruits, but you can also just buy dried fruit to make it easy on yourself. Once you pick your mix, you can arrange it in the jar.

Step 3

Add 10-12 drops of essential oils then put the lid back on and give it a shake.

Voila! A personalized potpourri blend that you can keep next to your bed, in your bathroom or your car. If you decide to use a jar that isn't clear, you can use that as an opportunity to get even craftier by decorating your jar! You can use washi tape, puffy paint, textured spray paint, fabric...the list is endless.

I hope this inspired you to get Highly Crafty, but even if it didn't, you can always send me a message and I can make all your Highly Crafty event dreams come true!

Happy Crafting!

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