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DIY Scent Diffuser

Are you caught up on episodes of Highly Crafty? If not, head over to the YouTube channel and watch the latest episode. You can see it here:

This episode features a super simple diffuser that adds a subtle scent to your space. Made from a few household items, you'll be able to pull this one together in no time!

Poster holding scent diffuser

Reed diffusers are a nice way to add fragrance to the small spaces in your home, especially if you're not into the wall plug-ins or candles. The scent that they give off isn't overpowering, and since we're using essential oils, it can also have therapeutic effects for you. You can use any glass container or vase as long as it has a small opening.

Lets get crafty!


--vase OR recycled glass jar

--bamboo skewers (4-6)

--rubbing alcohol (3tbsp)

--water (1/4c)

--essential oils (20-30 drops)

supplies needed to make scent diffuser

1. Gather all your ingredients and measuring cups. You can pre-measure everything or just do it as you go.

2. Now place your ingredients into the jar. The order doesn't matter, but I did water first, alcohol second and essential oils third. After you've poured everything into the jar, give it a swirl to make sure it's all mixed together.

Poster adding ingredients into vase

3. If you need to trim your skewers so they fit into your jar properly, this is where you would do that. You can use scissors or a serrated knife to trim them. Because my vase is pretty tall, I didn't need to trim them. Once they're properly sized, you can place them in the jar.

poster adding skewers to vase

Let the skewers soak up the fragrance for a few days before you turn them over and enjoy the subtle aroma they give off!

DIY diffuser on display

Let me know if you do this project and how it turns out for you. There are lots of recipes out there that you can use, so if you've got a good one for me to try, leave it in the comments!

Happy Crafting!

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